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1. Would you consider appearing on a television game show?

2. Would giving a long speech, at your best friend’s wedding completely embarrass you?

3. Do you think that you are a positive person?

4. Have you ever disagreed with your boss at work?

5. Does being naked in front of your friends bother you?

6. Would you contradict a traffic warden if you thought you were right?

7. Do you think that attack is the best form of defense?

8. Does driving in bad traffic bother you?

9. Have you ever been ruthless?

10. Do powerful people tend to impress you?

11. Would you accept a more difficult job?

12. Would you like to be take part on a reality TV show?

13. Would you like to be a rally car driver?

14. Would you walk alone through a cemetery by night?

15. Would you be a passenger in a small twin-prop plane?